Supreme Candy Translation Announcement

After being bullied forcefully encouraged by vvav for a while to do so, I decided to start translating Makura’s visual novel, Supreme Candy. I don’t really expect it to be all that popular once I’m done since it’s a kind of weird game to be honest, but I liked it and noticed that it wasn’t being translated.

In the near future, I’ll update the progress page and from time to time, I’ll probably give more updates about what’s going on with this project.

Edit: I just updated the progress page.  The line counts should be pretty close, but at some point in the future, I’ll verify them.


14 thoughts on “Supreme Candy Translation Announcement

  1. Cafe

    Let’s not give vvav all the credit for bullying. Hayate and I wanted you to work on something, too.

  2. Rackshen

    Wow this project came as a huge surprise for me mostly because, in my opinion, this is an underrated visual novel. After 5 years it doesn’t get any popularity at all.
    Anyway, thank you for this project! Supreme Candy is by far my favorite eroge. Machine translation only helped me understand half of Hesperus Route, so I am really looking forward to this. I don’t have any experience in translating and editing visual novels, but if you need a hand in some small jobs (I don’t know, like updating progress or writing announcements maybe), feel free to ask me. I’d be glad to help!

    1. habluka Post author

      To be honest, it isn’t exactly the kind of game everyone would like, mainly because of how different the normal individual routes are from the magic ones.
      I can probably handle things like updating progress and writing announcements every now and then, but thanks for your willingness to help.

  3. Jona

    Popularity doesn’t matter right now. You can bet that once you’re done, it’ll be listed in several sites, so your work will be appreciated by plenty of people. As many stated before, the only thing I beg of you is: Please, don’t drop it halfway.
    Best regards.


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