Himawari’s Route Is Basically Done

Himawari’s route is basically finished.  All I have left to do is to find one of the scripts I translated a while back that I’ve somehow lost.  If worst comes to worst, I’ll just have to retranslate a pretty short h-scene, but that isn’t really a big deal.  Aside from that, the route is essentially done and I’ll move on to another one soon enough.

I originally planned to be finished with this by October 2014, but considering the blazing speed of my translation, I wouldn’t be surprised if it takes a lot longer to completely finish, especially considering the spike in required effort once I get to the final route.  Because of this, I’m planning on moving on to Hanei’s route next, and if I’m not done by mid-late October, I’ll release a partial patch covering that.  When actually playing the game, I wouldn’t exactly recommend starting with it, but I do want to at least have something to release, and of the routes that are open from the start, I feel that Hanei’s gives the best idea of what the game as a whole is like, so look forward to that if you have faith in me.

capture_008_26122013_040255 capture_007_26122013_040144

14 thoughts on “Himawari’s Route Is Basically Done

  1. Rackshen

    I’ve been waiting for this! Anyways congrats on finishing Himawari’s route. I wonder if you’re going to release a patch on this year’s Halloween considering it’s one of Supreme Candy’s main theme.

    1. Rackshen

      It’s not dead. The best way to help out is by offering habluka your assistance. Contact him through IRC and shit.


    Dude, 翻訳 when
    アンデッドになりそう程、I have been waiting for this TL
    此の世の中 has been waiting for it


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